Besties, buddies and beautiful people

This blog is all about friends, besties, buddies and the best of friends. 

Arz and Abby
You’ve probably met Arz before, I’ve shared her picture before. (if you haven’t, she’s in the blue top). Abby is on the left, she inspired this blog 🙂

I was incredibly moved a few weeks ago, when I read how thrilled one of the Mums was with the behaviour of a girl who had been so sweet to her child at a school activity, making a huge fuss of her and insisting she was included in everything. It wasn’t the first time either, I had read similar stories before, but it also wasn’t until this week that these actions started to fit together in my head.

There is something about Rett syndrome, that brings out the best in people who take the time to stop and be a part of her life. However, these people that stop are extraordinary people too, beautiful people who just by paying attention, choose to be a good part in someone’s experience and life. Wonderfully generous souls, who share affection, kindness and connect in such a fantastic way.

These wonderful kids, who are the antithesis of bullies, who push forward to be remarkable, and not just be part of the crowd, who, just like our girls, shine, shine with their kindness. It takes a special person to stand up for the right reasons, and choose to be kind. I believe that compassion is one of the most important things that make us a human, and these wonderful kids have it in oodles.

These are the people we should be celebrating as a society, these are best examples we can give to the rest of humanity. Kids who look past the things that make us different, and celebrate the things we share. It doesn’t matter that she can’t walk, I will walk with her. It doesn’t matter that she can’t talk, I will talk to her. I will take the time to treat her like I would all my friends, I will be patient, and be kind and I will be a part of her life.

I wanted to create a tribute, to all these fabulous friends. What you do is appreciated so very deeply, we are eternally grateful. You take the time to be a friend, you figure out that our girls are just like you, they love to play, love to laugh, love to love and love have friends.

Meet Charlotte’s friend Matilda she is a rock star!

I look forward to the day that biographies that we read are not about sportsmen and businessmen but about celebrating being human, people who are wealthy because of the love, kindness and experiences they bring to the world. Who are shared because of the ideals they stand for, people that make the world a better place for all.

When your next opportunity arises, choose to be extraordinary.

Some of the stories I’ve had from parents over the last week while getting the goodies together for this blog have been so downright cool. I can feel how much love they have for these children, that go out of their way to be remarkable, because that’s what we should do, that is what really matters.

I feel like I got 100 new buddies 😀

The photo album for this blog is here.

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