Birthday cards, graphics and all things that we make

I love the fact that I get to make all these fantastic things for these beautiful girls (women) and boys (men) and I will keep doing it as long as I am able. I don’t think I need a reason to make someone’s day a little brighter but this is what I can give.

With this in mind, I thought I’d answer some of the more frequent questions I get asked.

Q: How do you get a birthday card or a graphic?
A: You just ask, it’s as easy as that, and I will make it as fast as I am able.

Naturally a little notice would be good because I have an editor (Grammy), without whom I’d be lost. So your card gets designed, goes to the Grammar Fairy, who makes sure I’ve not chewed up the English language.

Q: Aren’t you too busy?
A: No, I’m never too busy or too overloaded for your request. Please don’t think you have to wait for me to deal with everyone else. Everything comes out in due course and if I have more to do it just comes out a little slower.

Q: Do I have to request a graphic every time?
A: Yes, some of you have been my friends for many years now, and I know you might feel comfortable with me just going ahead and making something, but sometimes you might just want some privacy and to hide from the rest of the world. That’s okay.

Which is why I ask you to opt in to the things I make that get shared publicly, because I want to make sure you are okay with it.

Sometimes I do just go ahead and make something personal, but I share them directly with you, then if you choose to share them, that’s totally cool too. I would do this more often if time permitted, but it’s difficult to catch everything on Facebook, so I miss a lot of stuff, and also don’t have as much time as I would like to make these things.

Requests are pretty much optioning in, so if you’re asking me to caption, it’s all good 🙂

Q: You didn’t make my thing!!!!
A: It’s never intentional, I get requests via so many different sources that it can sometimes be mayhem to admin them. I try my best to get them all into a manageable organised place, but I’m bound to miss something because Facebook is not designed to be an amazingly organised tool. Sometimes images get corrupted in the upload, and other times the tags do crazy things.

I’m totally okay with you getting in touch to ask me where something is, please give me reminders.

Q: Is Army of Us just you?
A: Very definitely NO. I’m only responsible for bits of this.

We are growing, and as we do so does our team. The awesome profilomatic had about 1% of my work, the rest is the amazing techs.  There are people who help with the graphics and there are a bunch of lovely ladies who help with the grammar, the spelling, the translations to different languages. We don’t exclude people from helping, you’re already helping by getting involved and sharing, by sending your pictures and being part of the stories. What we do is not about us, it’s about the girls and families we do it for, so we’re intentionally trying to keep that as our focus.

We look at ourselves like the people who supply the placards at activist events. We’re pointless without you.

Q: Is Army of Us a charity?
A: No, we are a social activist group.

We have one goal, to make as much noise about Rett syndrome as we possibly can. We want you to join in and make some noise too. You are welcome to support any charity you like; we will work with anyone interested in making noise and we will never tell you who you should support.

You can help us, we need you to like and share our page, the more you do, the more noise we can make.

We are all volunteers 😀 So sometimes things don’t happen straight away. There might be another campaign running that we are focussing on, so we have to come back to other things. This is very much the case in Awareness month, but we will get around to it.

I hope this clears up any questions, but if you have some more we’ll be happy to answer them.

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