Cure Rett, we’ve got something for you…

We’ve focussed heavily on building a team with a professional attitude, but still keeping the personal touch. We want to provide you with the “stuff” you need to get the best possible results from your efforts.

Your support has been amazing, but none of this is possible without YOUR enthusiasm and energy. We love being inspired by people, we think the best ideas are sitting out there among you and we love finding ways to express those ideas.

You are important to us and to our collective cause. Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re liking our pages and posts, sharing our story, pasting pictures in facebook, baking cakes, colouring your hair, painting your nails, arranging coffee mornings, climbing, walking, strolling, running, or getting tattood, whatever it is we love it. We love you for doing it.

We don’t expect you to become shaven headed disciples but we do hope you’ll engage with us. We promise to be professional and courteous. Yes we care and yes we’re human but that doesn’t excuse us from offering you the service our cause demands, in a timely, professional manner.

We all hold down full time jobs here which is why we try set proper expectations for delivery. We are always open to discussion, to listen to your ideas and to give you realistic deadlines. 

Think about what you need, tell us what that is, and we will endeavour to get it.


Cure Rett, we’ve got something for you…

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