Cure Rett – Where to now?

Thank you

Awareness Month is over, and it’s been a huge success for us. The community has been spectacular, sharing, liking, and getting involved all along the way. We really did love the efforts and and the results from all of you. The Flitty salutes, the cakes, the drawings, the badges, hair colour, nails, lost bets, everything.

October was our first official month as a Cure Rett, it was really important that we focussed on the  message and getting it out there, and personally, I am very happy with the results. We got the opportunity to speak to so many people who had never heard of Rett Syndrome before, to explain it and show it in a meaningful way. That’s what Awareness Month is about for all Rett Syndrome charities. It’s not only about reaching the existing community, it’s about reaching new people.

Our article in the sun, our avatar campaign, all these cards and info-graphics spread the word far and wide. Awareness Cards, were packed and sent out to people, in fact they were so popular we had to order more to send out. Our awareness cards are just about to go on their first big adventure around the world.

Now what?

That’s just the beginning for us, as you’ve probably seen, we already have the Flitty Pins and the Temporary tattoos too. We’ve taken stock of the fact that’s it’s hard to order these things through facebook and email, and we’ve setup a shop to make it easier. The Cure Rett Shop will probably launch in the next couple of days, we are ironing out the last creases.

We have so much more stuff on the way and any new merchandise will be added to the shop as we get it. Make sure you subscribe to the Newsletter, that way we can keep you up to date on what’s new in the shop. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe by clicking here [subscribe]

We’ve also started to gather all out posters, leaflets and graphics into central areas for people to download and print as needed. When it’s all set up in the proper formats, we will make them all available, if you’re looking for something in the meantime, just shout.

Making the team even better

Elizabeth Halford has joined the board of trustees as our Director of Social Media. Elizabeth is not only a social media wizard, she is the incredibly talented photographer who is responsible for all our stunning Photos. Elizabeth is also a really dab hand at eloquently putting things across, a vital skill in this modern age. Where some of us are not quite as delicate as we’d like(Me), she has a light touch and a wise way.

Christmas is coming, so let’s see what special surprises Santa brings 😉

Cure Rett – Where to now?