Charity is a simple word I have spent a long time thinking about. Charity means different things to different people, but it roughly translates to giving, giving either time or these days money, to those in need.

Fo me, the word charity, has evolved. Charity is no longer just about giving, it’s about caring. Giving is easy, the rewards of giving are instant, you feel good, you’ve done good. Caring is a lot more than just giving, caring is about compassion, it’s about empathy, to care for something entails some responsibility.

Being charitable is more than just being focused on your own causes, it’s about understanding other people’s. When you discover the satisfaction of charity, you discover it’s one of the few things you can get rewarded for without investing money.

If you want people to respect your cause, you need to respect theirs or just respect other causes. Be passionate about your own and be compassionate about theirs.

At the end of the day, charity is never a no, it’s a how can I help?



The Photo Tour – What we’re doing

 I know there’s been some misunderstanding around our Cure Rett Photo Tours and what we’re doing with them, and I thought it would be a great time to clarify what they are about and what our intention is. 

We want to arm our supporters with the best fund-raising collateral we possibly can, the only way we can effectively do this is by getting the high quality images that designers, like me, need for print. I don’t mean any disrespect to people, but there are a lot of technical requirements around photography that designers need, that can only be achieved by people who know about photography(I don’t mean only professionals).

There’s one massive difference between what me and people like Elizabeth Halford(our brilliant photographer) do. I can work anywhere as long as I have my machine, there is no logistical planning to the work I do. I stay up late or get up early to complete it. The only thing affected by me doing the stuff I do for Cure Rett, is my time. Because I love doing it, my time is free. The fact that I have a job, means I still get paid and earn a living, so I can afford to give away my time for free.

For Elizabeth (and any other photographer), her work is determined by so many other factors. For her to do the tour, she needs to travel to “hubs”, catch a plane, catch a train, drive. When she’s there, she needs a physical studio, for lighting, or a really fabulous day(ever planned around the weather in the UK?). What Elizabeth does requires so much more time and commitment to an event, people like her make it possible for people like me to do our jobs anywhere. I cannot stress how important this is.

There are lots of costs incurred by the Photo Tour, not just the travelling and arranging, but also the cost of the items that get produced out of the Photo Tour. These are not just a set of beautiful, professional photo’s you get, when the story is complete, you get Awareness Cards to help spread the word, you get posters and leaflets tailored to you and your requirements. You get fund-raising support and help. And so much more planned in future. We want to become the engine that drives your fund-raising, so that you don’t have to worry about all this kind of stuff, and focus on your even

ts and ideas, and your family.

These things don’t all come at the same time, they come as we get the time to complete them. There is no exclusion, there is no preference, everyone who has a child with Rett Syndrome, is welcome to join our events and we will do our best to accommodate you. I stress, we would love to do this for everyone.

As a new charity however, this does incur costs, being able to pay these costs is what determines how quickly and how often we have the event. Everything we do is for free, we do not expect any payment. We will never ask people to give us money for it, but we will never ever say no to a donation, or be embarrassed to ask.

I’ve included an example of the leaflets, if anyone wants to see examples of the Awareness Cards just ask, and I will link in one of those too. We have many working examples of the infographics on our facebook page and website.

Thank you for supporting us, we really appreciate it 😉


The Photo Tour – What we’re doing