Charity is a simple word I have spent a long time thinking about. Charity means different things to different people, but it roughly translates to giving, giving either time or these days money, to those in need.

Fo me, the word charity, has evolved. Charity is no longer just about giving, it’s about caring. Giving is easy, the rewards of giving are instant, you feel good, you’ve done good. Caring is a lot more than just giving, caring is about compassion, it’s about empathy, to care for something entails some responsibility.

Being charitable is more than just being focused on your own causes, it’s about understanding other people’s. When you discover the satisfaction of charity, you discover it’s one of the few things you can get rewarded for without investing money.

If you want people to respect your cause, you need to respect theirs or just respect other causes. Be passionate about your own and be compassionate about theirs.

At the end of the day, charity is never a no, it’s a how can I help?



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