The butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effect On the 16 of September last year, in New York I went and got Flitty tattooed on my wrist. The tattoo represented my God daughter Carys and for me it symbolised a mixture of my hopes and dreams for Carys and all the girls I have come to know, but also most […]

Make great images

This blog is all about working with images & photos and how to get the best out of them. Working with Photos I have a very simple policy: I don’t turn a photograph down, because for me, photographs are about catching something special. Sometimes that special thing is not in focus, it’s not the best […]

The Army of Us

I’ve been asked what is Army of Us, and I thought a blog is a good way to tell people. Just to clarify, Army of Us is not a charity. We haven’t formed to compete with any charities or decide where money goes or anything like that. Army of Us is not an I, it’s […]