Avery and John

We come into this world connected to our Mums, and spend the rest of our lives connecting.

Part of that connection is verbal, through words and sentences, but I think language is just a more obvious way to connect. There are some things words can never do a good job explaining, the deep comfort of pure love, the loss and anguish of heart break, the sincere trust and comfort of friendship.

We can tell someone we love them, but we can also show them. I think actions are much deeper than words; the bond to an action of love has so much more sincerity. Your actions cannot lie, but your mouth can. Sharing those special moments, where people connect deeply and sincerely, through a passage of emotion. When you look at someone and you say inside, I truly love you. You make me feel special, you make me feel like my heart and soul are protected. You fix the aches, the pains, the despair, you complete me.

The choice you make in life is who to share that connection with. Truly connecting opens you up to whole world of love, and sometimes to a world of pain, but the pain is worth the love in my opinion. Shutting yourself down means you miss the good, you miss the love and love is a risk.

It’s one of the reasons I think people with Rett syndrome truly shine, because they don’t have the words to tell you, they can only show you. Sometimes they don’t even have the actions to hug you or hold you, or even kiss you and because they’re not talking, you have to listen differently. We already do this to some extent, we read body language, we discern micro-emotions, we talk with more than just our voices, but the ability to talk, means that we ignore those feelings more than we should. In the case of Rett syndrome, you have to listen harder, not with you ears, but with your heart.

When you do start hearing, then the love pours from them like a wall of power. Tap into that, you might want to hear the words, but you don’t need to. Those are the connections we share, and if you want to understand what it means to connect, spend some time with one of our girls.

Love is not a word you hear, it’s something you feel, and when you feel it, you are connected.

This blog started when I saw the picture of Avery and John, one of so many amazing moments that we capture. I saw the connection and made the picture. The next thing I knew there were lots of people sharing their connected moments with me. It quickly turned into a tribute to all the Dads, Grandads, Uncles and men in their lives. I love that we can do this, that we can find these positive, beautiful moments and share them.

The quality of the image doesn’t concern me, all that matters is that moment. That connection. If you have a connected moment, please send it to me and I can add it to the album.

To see the”Connected Album” click here




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