It was Mothers’ Day on Sunday, one day a year where we get to celebrate all things our Mums do for us, it seems a very small reward.

Mothers are nurturers, care takers, feeders and protectors, they would and do, do anything for their children. Mothers discipline, they instil moral values in their children, they heal and they educate, most importantly they defend, it’s what makes a mother’s relationship with her child special.

For Mothers’ Day I created a whole bunch of cards, some of them were silly, some were gush, some were just plain fun, but the one that stood out for me was “Thank you for carrying my stick.” Why it stood out is because of my memories, and I think every “child” will appreciate this about their moms. How often when you’re walking along a path, a street, in a park somewhere, do you come across a mother a mother and her child,  she’s carrying loads of random things that are required to look after a child, like the modern day nomad. With all the “necessary” items, she’s carrying some random object too.

In any normal scenario you probably think who’s that weird lady carrying the stick, but because she’s accompanied by a child, it just seems so obvious. She’s carrying the stick, a senseless object to any adult on the planet, because her child asked her to.

That to me expresses what it is to be a mom more than anything, everything else you do is expected (yeah I know we expect a lot), it’s the commitment you make when you have a child. What makes a Mother a Mum is all the extra stuff she does just out of pure love, like carrying a stick.

To all the mums out there, from all the kids,

Thank you for carrying our sticks, we love you too.

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