The Army of Us


I’ve been asked what is Army of Us, and I thought a blog is a good way to tell people.

Just to clarify, Army of Us is not a charity. We haven’t formed to compete with any charities or decide where money goes or anything like that.

Army of Us is not an I, it’s a “we”; there are people who are constantly involved in it, who make things for it, build things for it, go and find stuff out for it. There are people who design, edit, write, plan and who share knowledge and ideas. We are a loose collective and anyone is welcome to be part of our conversation. When you start talking to us, you are part of it. As individuals, we all have our own charities we support, or multiple charities, we all still raise money and do events and do the other things we’ve always done, but that has no bearing on us helping you – or you us.

We want to celebrate happy moments and special days, we want to spoil our kids, those with Rett syndrome and also those without. We want to educate people about Rett syndrome, and support them by providing useful knowledge information in any format.

Army of Us is SAM – a Social Activist Movement – designed to help the Rett syndrome community (and some other related disorders) to tell our story, communally. The graphics we make, the stories we share, the ideas we have, are all here are for you. We’re not here to decide how you use those graphics to raise the money, whether it’s for your own child’s needs, like an eye gaze, a bath hoist or if it’s for a Charity, whoever you want to give to, is your personal choice.

Our goal is to is help you raise the most awareness and money in the best possible way we can, whilst sharing the things we all care about.

We are here to help you realise ideas, to bring our experience in both fundraising, marketing, design and many other skills to your aid. We don’t take payment for our services, all designs are offered for free, with every intention of staying that way. Our services are donated. There are no hidden costs, we pay for the webservers and software out of our pockets, we don’t claim expenses, it’s all part of the donation.

We will help individuals and Charities, all Charities. The only very simple rule that we have is there’s a queue, and we don’t queue hop. We treat everyone equally and fairly, we don’t turn down work. There is no one more special than someone else. If something is a little slow (very seldom) it’s because the queue is long. If something hasn’t come out, it’s because there’s a glitch in the matrix (we are open to reminders, in fact please remind us).

At the heart of it all, treating and curing Rett syndrome is every bit as important to us as it is to you.

We strongly believe that we will only be heard when we start to shout together, and our hope is to be a vehicle to enable that. We want to stand up and change the world, we can only achieve that as a group, as an army, and Army of Us.

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